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The foundation H.O.P.E. in South Africa was founded by a number of people touched by the lives of people in poverty and miserable living conditions abroad in particularly in South Africa.
Out of that compassion and the biblical command to care for the people who (desperately) need help, we actualy want to give practical help. We do this primarily by organizing an annual project trip to a country where our help is needed. Because of our experience in South Africa and our commitment to the South African population, our focus in the coming period is to help in South Africa.

The Christian foundation H.O.P.E. in South Africa is founded on 20 January 2012. The founders have experience in organizing and implementing projects in South Africa.


With our Christian faith as a driving force, we want to give love and help to people in need, in order to stir up hope needed for decent living.

We will do this by:
  • Practical assistance to local foundations by building and renewing shacks (local houses) in the townships, refurbishing schools and other centers where ( in particular) children meet.
  • Encouragement of local foundations by establishing and maintaining contacts.
  • Organization of sports and games for local teens.
  • Contact with local people during our projecttrip. This is an important aspect during our trip.
  • Financial support to small-scale assistance to children and young people. By providing this help, we want to give people more hope for a better future and try to help them to improve their often appalling living conditions due to poverty, injustice and HIV / AIDS. We want to encourange the local foundations and local relief organizations.



Cooperation with local organizations is the key word. We recognize that we in the Netherlands can not oversee the needs and what help is best. Therefore we offer our assistance to local foundations. We do this through a national contact person, Mr. Riaan Venter. He cares for and maintains contacts with local foundations and aid organizations.
Prior to a project trip a plan is made in consultation with the local foundations. The board of H.O.P.E. in South Africa determines what the group is able to do. This depends on the number of participants and the amount of available funds. When selecting and defining the tasks we keep in mind the important part of our goal; paying attention and give love to the (little) victims of H.I.V. / A.I.D.S. and poverty.

Because of our experience in South Africa and our commitment to the South African people, our focus is now on helping in South Africa. We focus on the area around Rustenburg in the Province of North West.


The foundation is led by the following boardmembers:
  • Klaas Nanninga - chairman
  • Gerard Fennema - treasurer
  • Nel Haasdijk - secretary
  • Nico van den Berg - assistent
  • André Hilvers - project manager
  • Mieke Hilvers - communication/PR

The board meets as often as necessary, but at least once every month, with the exception of the summer months.



The funds needed to carry out the projects, are mainly raised by the participants through sponsor activities. Each participant is asked (in 2016) to contribute a minimum of € 1950,- in order to participate in the project. The amount to be raised in order to participate in a projecttrip can vary from year to year.

The Foundation is very committed to transparency, particularly in the areas of finance and the spending of funds. We find it important to work transparently and to handle responsibly with spending funds. Therefore, as far as possible we will report on the income and expenditure relating to the projects. The annual reports and financial statements will be published (in Dutch only) on the website.

If at the end of the year funds are still remaining within the bank account of the foundation, the funds will be reserved for future projects consistent with the mission and purpose of the foundation. Possibly, the board will ask participants for ideas relating to the destination.

We would also like to find other sponsors that support the work of H.O.P.E. in South Africa. With this money we want to support, on a small scale, local aid projects, but only after decision by the board. Our goal is that the funds paid on the bank account of H.O.P.E. in South Africa reaches the chosen projects. However funds are needed for certain general costs such as annual contribution, preparing annual reports etc and the purchase of tools and materials and so on.



Through the link below you can view the statutes of the foundation (in Dutch).



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